Nov 11, 2011

Its time to go for FFH

just over 3 mins. remaining and your shop opens up!
read all instructions before hand...

Nov 10, 2011

FFH v4 - a year later..

is it a coincidence or was it  planned..I don't know..

FFH4 is back exactly a year after..

2010 was awesome..2011 would be gonna fun again..
stay tuned..with more updates..

Fast Food Hunger v4

its been great..all these years!
making it better every year..with more fun..more learning..better strategy lines..
We thank you all for being with us for all these years since 2008.

It came with an idea of Inventory Management Game for operations and we named it Bell the Bull. The name goes with the is not easy to create strategy and it even gets tougher when you go live aka do it practically..

In 2009, we called it the Fast Food Hunger, a more appropriate name. We made whole lot of changes and in 2010 introduced some tweakings to make it more fun as well.

And in 2011 with version 4 of this game, you gonna find out soon..

enjoy - be profitable - beat others


Nov 11, 2010

be much faster!

You need to be much more faster..days are 3 minutes long.

thats Quick..

Once again Manager 144 ordered very fast with Manager 110 being quick as well.

The Top Manager - Day 9

After Day 9..Manager 188 is leading with Manager 67 on second position. Difference in 1st and 2nd positions is very minute. Manager113 is on 3rd with Manager 203 on 4th position.

Manager 113 is still managing its 3rd position. Manager 145 is on 5th position.

too Fast..

We see that few managers are very quick at ordering for the next day and managing a good position. Manager 144 is quick is taking decisions and he is on 11th position.